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Canning Peas

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According to the early accounts of the art of canning, peas were among the first vegetables to be preserved in this manner, and later they were among the first to enter the canned-goods trade.

Pea canning may be said, therefore, to be as old as the canning industry. At first the process was used only to preserve such choice fruits and vegetables as were most difficult to keep in the fresh state, as the cost of glass bottles and earthenware jars prevented their use for cheaper products.


Anti-aging effects

Green peas have a high antioxidant content, consisting of flavonoids and polyphenols, both of which have anti-aging effects. The consumption of polyphenols can reduce aging by improving the skin’s natural defense of oxidative stress, one of the most common causes of aging prematurely.

Provides you with energy

Although most foods provide you with energy, there are only a certain few that work effectively as a maintainable energy resource.

Due to the high fiber and protein content present in green peas, they provide a slow release of energy. Just half a cup of green peas can provide you with a sustainable amount of energy and if eaten alongside other energy providing foods, the more energy you will gain.


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