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Custard is an assortment of culinary arrangements dependent on improved milk, cheddar, or cream cooked with egg or egg yolk to thicken it, and once in a while likewise flour, corn starch, or gelatin. Contingent upon the formula, custard might change in consistency from a meager pouring sauce to the thick cake cream) used to fill éclairs. The most well-known custards are utilized in custard pastries or pastry sauces and normally incorporate sugar and vanilla; be that as it may, exquisite custards are likewise found.

Custard is generally cooked in a twofold heater (bain-marie), or warmed tenderly in a pan on an oven, however custard can likewise be steamed, prepared in the stove with or without a water shower, or even cooked in a strain cooker. A water shower eases back heat move and makes it simpler to eliminate the custard from the broiler before it sours. Adding a modest quantity of cornflour to the egg-sugar blend balances out the subsequent custard, permitting it to be cooked in a solitary skillet just as in a twofold kettle. A sous-vide water shower might be utilized to unequivocally control temperature.


Gluten and Egg free

People who suffer from certain food allergies often turn to powdered custard when they find they cannot eat the original version. Most powders are free of gluten and wheat-based ingredients, and the majority are also completely egg-free.

Rich in protein

It has amazing moisture and oil absorbing properties that keep this body butter non-greasy and help bind all the ingredients together. A gentle exfoliate, custard powder rich with vitamin B12 and Proteins can also treats and soothe irritated skin, blisters, sores, bug bites and more.


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420 E , Avenue Ollier , Quantre Bornes , Mauritius


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