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Rye has a place with the grass family Gramineae and the variety Secale. The most well-known developed species is S. cereale, which is ventured to have advanced from the wild enduring grass of the species S. montanum. Developed rye contains seven sets of chromosomes having a place with a solitary genome assigned by the letter R.

In contrast to the circumstance in wheat, the quantity of economically developed rye assortments (cultivars) is moderately little. Rye cross-pollinates broadly and is, accordingly, hard to keep up with hereditary virtue.


Prevents Gallstones

Though research is less on this, one Swedish study talks about how ingesting a composition containing rye had resulted in a reduced risk of developing gallstones in hamsters.

Improves Skin And Hair Health

Rye, and especially rye flour, works as an excellent skin cleanser. You can simply apply the flour to your face after you take a bath and wash it off after 15 minutes. Other minerals in rye, like zinc, magnesium, calcium, and iron, help beat the signs of early aging. Rye flour works fine on wrinkles and fine lines and blemishes.


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420 E , Avenue Ollier , Quantre Bornes , Mauritius


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